Lirik Lagu Someday - Raisa ft Sam Kim

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Sabtu, 13 November 2021 11:47
Lirik Lagu Someday - Raisa ft Sam Kim
Raisa ft Sam Kim - Someday

Penyanyi Indonesia bersuara lembut, Raisa, berkolaborasi dengan Sam Kim untuk project single terbarunya. Sam Kim sendiri dikenal sebagai penyanyi solo pria kenamaan asal Korea Selatan.

Single terbaru mereka yang bertajuk 'Someday' diproduseri oleh Jukje Producer dan juga Associated Performer. Sedang liriknya sendiri dibuat oleh Raisa dan Sam Kim dalam bahasa Inggris.

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Lirik Lagu Someday - Raisa ft Sam Kim

Hope that I could one day
Say the things I wanna say to you
With no hesitation
Don't care if you stay or leave tonight
Need somebody who cares
A man who gives a damn one more than you
Yes I hope someday
O God please someday

I hope I never miss you
And I hope that I can learn to want love you
Couln't never really trust you, baby
Couldn't never really love you, when I want it to show my lovin'
Never, you never let your guard down for me
So why do you tease me, kiss me, and hold me.. aaah

We fight and kiss everyday...ay
Break up and make up start all over again
We fight and kiss every day

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Tell me all of the thing you'd say
if you knew you'd never here for me again
show me and fight for me at least pretend
We try before we're out of time

I say it all before
I say it again
Who in the hell you think you are to tell me baby let your guard down
I gave you love you couldn't blame me and causing me to feelin' burn down
We fight every day
But God knows how much that I need you to stay oooh

Tell me all of the things you'd say
tou know you ever here for me again
Show me fight for me at least pretend
To try before we're out...

Show me thay you need me baby tell me one more time,
Show me that you love me baby loveee
Tell me all of the things you promised you said you've been told me again and again that I should try

You know you'll never hear from me again oooh
Show me you'll fight to me at least pretend to try
Before we're out of the time

Tell me (backing vocals: say want me to stay)
say want me to stay (tell me because I am leavin')
Oh baby this is good bye

Tell me everythings on your mind)

Cause oh baby baby I
We're running out of the time...

Nah itu dia lirik lagu Someday - Raisa ft Sam Kim. Enjoy the song ya!

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