Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore

Minggu, 19 Mei 2024 10:10
Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore
Lagu Hind’s Hall menjadi salah satu lagu protes terhadap kekejaman Israel dalam melakukan genosida ke Palestina.

Hind's Hall merupakan single terbaru dari rapper Amerika, Macklemore, yang dirilis pada tanggal 10 Mei 2024. Lagu ini mengungkapkan dukungan terhadap protes pro-Palestina di kampus-kampus universitas yang menyerukan aksi genosida yang dilakukan Israel pada Palestina. Macklemore juga mengatakan bahwa hasil dari stream lagu ini akan didonasikan pada UNRWA.

Judul lagu ini diambil dari pergantian nama Hamilton Hall di Universitas Columbia oleh aktivis pro-Palestina menjadi "Hind's Hall" untuk menghormati Hind Rajab, seorang anak Palestina yang dibunuh oleh pasukan Israel. Dalam lagu ini, Macklemore mengkritik industri musik yang hanya ambil sikap diam terhadap genosida ini dan pemberian dukungan dari Presiden Joe Biden pada Israel.


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Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore© 2024

Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore


[Verse 1]
The people, they won't leave
What is threatenin’ about divesting and wantin' peace?
The problem isn't the protests, it’s what they're protesting
It goes against what our country is funding
(Hey) Block the barricade until Palestine is free
(Hey) Block the barricade until Palestine is free
When I was seven, I learned a lesson from Cube and Eazy-E
What was it again? Oh yeah, fuck the police (Woo)

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Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore© 2024

[Verse 2]
Actors in badges protecting property
And a system that was designed by white supremacy (Brrt)
But the people are in the streets
You can pay off Meta, you can't pay off m
Politicians who serve by any means
AIPAC, CUFI, and all the companies
You see, we sell fear around the land of the free
But this generation here is about to cut the strings
You can ban TikTok, take us out the algorithm
But it's too late, we've seen the truth, we bear witness
Seen the rubble, the buildings, the mothers and the children
And all the men that you murdered, and then we see how you spin it
Who gets the right to defend and who gets the right of resistance
Has always been about dollars and the color of your pigment, but
White supremacy is finally on blast
Screamin' " Free Palestine" 'til they're home at last (Woo)

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Lirik Lagu HIND'S HALL - Macklemore© 2024

[Verse 3]
We see the lies in ’em
Claimin’ it's antisemitic to be anti-Zionist
I’ve seen Jewish brothers and sisters out there and ridin' in
Solidarity and screamin' " Free Palestine" with them
Organizin', unlearnin’ and finally cuttin' ties with
A state that's gotta rely on an apartheid system
To uphold an occupyin' violent
History been repeating for the last seventy-five
The Nakba never ended, the colonizer lied (Woo)
If students in tents posted on the lawn
Occupyin' the quad is really against the law
And a reason to call in the police and their squad
Where does genocide land in your definition, huh? (Hey; hey)
Destroyin' every college in Gaza and every mosque
Pushin' everyone into Rafah and droppin' bombs
The blood is on your hands, Biden, we can see it all
And fuck no, I'm not votin' for you in the fall (Woo)
You can't twist the truth, the people out here united
Never be defeated when freedom's on the horizon
Yet the music industry's quiet, complicit in their platform of silence (Hey, woo)

[Verse 4]
What happened to the artist? What d'you got to say?
If I was on a label, you could drop me today
I'd be fine with it 'cause the heart fed my page
I want a ceasefire, fuck a response from Drake (Woo)
What you willin' to risk? What you willin' to give?
What if you were in Gaza? What if those were your kids?
If the West was pretendin' that you didn't exist
You'd want the world to stand up and the students finally did, let's get it (Woo)


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