Lirik Lagu Kodak Black - Haitian Scarface

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Senin, 15 Agustus 2022 11:00
Lirik Lagu Kodak Black - Haitian Scarface
Nih lagu Haitian Scarface dari Kodak Black

Haitian Scarface adalah lagu miliki Kodak Black yang dirilis secara menegjutkan pada Juli 2022 ini. Dalam lirik lagu ini, ia mencoba menceritakan tentang betapa tidak adilnya polisi saat menangkap dirinya.

Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu Kodak Black - Haitian Scarface. Enjoy ya!

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Kodak Black - Haitian Scarface

100% Juicee

I'm tryna hit the road by tomorrow
I told the plug I need the thing that can swim in the water
They tryna paint a picture of a nigga like I got a problem
Cracker tryna lock the nigga up soon I touch down in Broward
Gotta take the wrap off the Maybach 'cause I don't wanna be followed
They already know it's me, can't roll in peace, I ain't tryna be bothered
I ain't never had no daddy, I been calling Brad my father
He more to me than a lawyer, he there every time I call him
Even though he white, he give me advice I ain't learned from the streets
I be tryna do right, but the police be tryna embarrass me
Another mugshot, here they go laughing at a nigga pain
Tryna run my fans away, they slanderin' a nigga name, fuck 'em
Been out here all my life I'm stuck in, they wanna see me kick the bucket
From all this shit I had to put up with, all that shit just made me tougher
I wan' tell the bitch I love her, but she gettin' too crazy
I'm second-guessing, should I let this lil' bitch have my baby?
I'ma set up a booby trap in the trap house, just in case they raid it
I got a lil' monkey on my back, I've been taking Percocets daily
You need people like me, I shoot straight and I don't do no fakin'
If I was on the run, would you let me duck off in your basement, huh?
I made a mistake, don't bring up Trump
They pulled me over, they was mad as fuck
They ain't find a pistol, ain't find a pump, just some dog shit in the trunk
I know they wanna see me sunk, this gas I'm smoking fetus funk
When I ran down, Lil Peter ran, when I ran down, Lil Peter ran
I bought a house on sunrise, so I can see the sunset
I'm the one they pointin' fingers at every time they need a suspect
I'm the Haitian Scarface, I keep a flag around a manchèt
I'ma send a nigga anlè, throw his babies in the lanmèr
And I guess I'm a drug lord, got caught with a few pills I got a prescription for
Bitch, y'all know I got shot a few months ago
Bitch, y'all know that lil' shit was so petty, y'all could've let me go
All the good that I do for the hood, the charities did in Pompano
You'll never see a thug nigga, ex-drug dealer like me again
Gravedigger, big brain-splitter, fuckin' a cop, I'll leave it in
Fuck me a C.O., I love my P.O., she know I be tryin' and shit
Sometimes feel like tryna quit, tell everybody to suck my dick

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